Welcome to the events calendar – this is a sample of how your website can display a calendar of all of your upcoming:

  • Facebook livestreams
  • Youtube livestreams
  • Physical classes and workshops
  • Other Social Media live streams
  • Recorded classes and workshops
  • Networking Events

And much more.

Plan ahead, and let your audience know what is coming, when you are going to be live, when they can come and watch your online demonstrations or attend a physical demonstration/workshop/event with you.

Help your audience find you, know what is happening and also share with others on and offline too.

Anything that you are offering out to others via your creative business, that is date specific, you can add to your events calendar. You can even get together with others and create an events calendar for more than just your own events, after all, there really is nothing like collaboration and connecting everyone together.

And your events do not have to be free events that you add to the calendar either, you can add paid for events, allow people to purchase tickets direct from your website or add a link in the calendar to take them to the payment and booking pages too.

Sound great? Then take a peek around and see what you too could create on your own website for everyone.

The main events calendar can be found here where you will see a sampling of events coming up that have been created to showcase the calendar (these have been taken from actual live events that I have found for you, so that you can click through to them too)

And if you are wanting to allow others to submit their events on your website – please go to the events menu at the top of the website, and you will see options for how people can submit events and the events dashboard too, which is where others can add and edit their own events.

Coming soon: Video showing you how the calendar works, what you can allow/disallow and how to use this plugin for you and your business.