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Do you love to be creative and spend your time painting furniture, creating art, playing with hobby crafts, mixed media or a little bit of anything that takes your fancy and  you are looking to connect with like-minded arts and crafts people, find the absolute best products, paints and crafting items to purchase. 

If you draw, paint or craft then I know you will be looking to:

  • Discover how2 create awesome products
  • get new ideas for gifts to create
  • Find out how to make lots of beautiful things for your home.

Do you love to learn new techniques and skills and are always looking for the best places and people who can offer you the tools, materials, paints, crafting products you need too.

Or perhaps you are looking for a little confidence and support – a community where you can share and ask questions, without feeling silly, a place to feel inspired and motivated that is full of like-minded people?


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Lets get Creative
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I have been crafting for over 30 years – helping people to gain confidence, meet like-minded people and helping small creative business owners promote and market their businesses for over 10 years too…..

And now I have had to take early retirement, I have nothing to sell, no job to take away my time and energy and no commitments to anyone or anything, other than myself and YOU!

I have time to explore and research, revisit my archives, find great people, articles, information, software and and great items to share with you.

I have time to show you where to find like minded people, products, inspiration and much more too.

If you need any help, feedback, ideas for your creative business, website, membership groups or marketing, Need a little support to gain more confidence, let go of your fears and worries that you are not good enough, can’t do this all on your own, feel free to get in touch and if I can, I will be more than happy to help you (I love to keep my brain active and keep up my skills as well as learn new ones too), articles,